Sermon Recordings

We have been recording sermons for many years, and now have over 2000 audio recordings available.

Since about the start of 2008, these have been available as MP3 recordings which you can download or play on this site, or order on CD.

Before then, the sermons were recorded on cassette tape. Please browse our tape catalogue. These tape recordings are (slowly!) being transferred to MP3 format.

If you would like to purchase a copy of any of the sermons listed, please send the details of those you are interested in to "Sermon Recordings" at our postal address or email us to check availablity. Bear in mind that the quality, particularly of the older recordings, is variable; sometimes the start or end is missing.

Please let us know your preferred format (audio CD, MP3 on CD, or tape).  Tapes will only be supplied if the original tape recording is still available.

Prices, including postage and packing within the UK, are:

  • Audio CD (1-2 sermons): 2
  • Cassette tape (1-2 sermons): 2
  • MP3s on CD: 3 for 1-10 sermons

Cheques (sterling only please) should be made payable to "Childs Hill Baptist Church". For delivery outside the UK, please ask us about postage rates before sending your order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Sermon Notes

The text of some sermons that the pastor has preached are available on his Preached Sermons blog.