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Unless otherwise stated, the preacher is our current pastor, Gary Brady.

Genesis top
402B14 Sep 199711:1-2How it all began
406B21 Sep 199721:3-5Light from the first creation of light
463A28 Sep 199731:5-25How God makes everything ready for man (Intro. missing)
404A5 Oct 199741:26-31Remember our original nature, mandate, variety and favoured state
467A12 Oct 199752:1-3The sabbath God made for man
468A19 Oct 199762:4-17God's kindness to you and his expectations of you
469A2 Nov 199772:18-24God provides a suitable helper
398A9 Nov 199782:25-3:7What went wrong in the garden and what goes wrong today
470A16 Nov 199793:7-15Dealing with guilt; our inadequate ways, God's perfect way
397A23 Nov 1997103:16-19Living in a world under God's curse
471A30 Nov 1997113:20-24God's mercy and wrath in Eden and beyond
Genesis 12-25
39A20 Sep 1987112:1
39B27 Sep 1987212:2-3
40A4 Oct 1987312:4-9
40B11 Oct 1987413:3-4
41A18 Oct 1987513:17
41B25 Oct 1987614:19-20
42A15 Nov 1987715:6
42B22 Nov 1987815:7-21
346A29 Nov 1987916:13
346B13 Dec 19871017
44A10 Jan 19881117:1-2
44B17 Jan 19881217:21
347A24 Jan 19881318:1-8Hospitality
347B31 Jan 19881418:9-15
272A7 Feb 19881518:16-33
348A14 Feb 19881619:17
348B21 Feb 19881719:1-38Life of Lot
349A28 Feb 19881820:17-18
349B6 Mar 19881921:1-7
350A20 Mar 19882021:8-13
350B27 Mar 19882121:14-20
351A17 Apr 19882221:32-33
351B24 Apr 19882322:1-11
352A1 May 19882422:12
352B8 May 19882523:1-2
353A15 May 19882624
353B22 May 19882725:1-7
Genesis 25-32
45A7 Apr 1991125:12-23
45B14 Apr 1991225:19-34
46A21 Apr 1991326:1-12
46B28 Apr 1991426:12-22
47A5 May 1991526:23-33
47B12 May 1991627
48A19 May 1991727:27-40
48B2 Jun 1991827:41-28:9
49A9 Jun 1991928:10-22
49B16 Jun 19911029:1-30
50A30 Jun 19911129:31-30:24
50B7 Jul 19911230:25-31:24
33A14 Jul 19911331:22-32:21
33B21 Jul 19911432:22-32
218A1 Sep 1996137:1-11
218B8 Sep 1996237:12-36
216B15 Sep 1996339Coping with trouble and blessing
214B29 Sep 1996440Christian, persevere when things are slow
255A6 Oct 1996541:1-36Explaining God's word to unbelievers
256A20 Oct 1996641:28-57Christ exalted
256B27 Oct 1996742-44
324A3 Nov 1996845Forgiving and being forgiven
325A10 Nov 1996946:28-47:31Preserver of his people and provider for all in need who look to him
324B24 Nov 19961047:28-49:26God's blessing and glory
325B1 Dec 19961149:29-50:26Facing the challenges of your latter years
656A21 Oct 20016(Robin Asgher)
589A26 Mar 20007:1(Mark Raines)
216A11 Dec 198811:1-12(Steve Mitchell)
555A3 Sep 200019:1-26Learning from Sodom and Gomorrah
274B16 Apr 198922:1-19(Tony Hutter)
189B16 Jan 199428:16-17
279A13 Mar 198832:1-22
Exodus top
The 10 Commandments
85A17 Jan 1993120:3You shall have no other gods before me
85B24 Jan 1993220:4-6You shall not make for yourself an idol ...
86A31 Jan 1993320:7You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God ...
86B7 Feb 1993420:8-11Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy ...
87A21 Feb 1993520:12Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long ...
87B28 Feb 1993620:13You shall not murder
88A7 Mar 1993720:14You shall not commit adultery
88B21 Mar 1993820:15You shall not steal
89A28 Mar 1993920:16You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour
89B4 Apr 19931020:17You shall not covet ... anything that belongs to your neighbour
636B7 Jul 20026:13-7:13Seeing things from God's perspective
637B14 Jul 20027:14-24A river of bood and its lessons
638B21 Jul 20028:1-32Questions for rebels
630A4 Mar 20019:1-7Lessons to learn about the foot and mouth epidemic
620B28 Jul 20029The God of distinctions, devastation and dominion
169A17 Feb 199112Passover
14B31 Mar 199612:1-30Christ, the Passover lamb
Leviticus top
252B3 Mar 199616:1-25How to come to God
330A?16:1-22;17:11(David Bond)
634B2 Jun 200225What Jubilee is really all about
Numbers top
667B1 Sep 20026:1-22Taking consecration seriously
584A16 Jan 200022Balaam the prophet (Marc Ellis)
198B17 Jul 199432:23
Deuteronomy top
200A27 Aug 19956:10-12
330B29 Dec 199611:1-32The Lord's continual care
449B20 Apr 199721:18-22:12The justice and mercy of God
456A8 Jun 199729:29Secret things only God knows; revealed things that all must know and act on
36B29 Jun 198633:29The people of God (?Preacher)
Judges top
475B5 Jan 198611
476A12 Jan 198622
477A19 Jan 198632:6-3:6
143A16 Mar 198645:31
143B30 Mar 198656:12
144A6 Apr 198666:27-28
144B20 Apr 198677:7
145A4 May 198687:14
145B11 May 198697:22
313A18 May 1986108:4
313B8 Jun 1986118:23
314A22 Jun 1986128:33-35
315A6 Jul 1986139:56-57
315B13 Jul 19861410:15-16
316A20 Jul 19861511:1
316B27 Jul 19861611:27
317B31 Aug 19861711:36
317A10 Aug 19861811:40
318A28 Sep 19861912:8-15
318B12 Oct 19862013:5
320A19 Oct 19862114:4
319A26 Oct 19862215:20
319B2 Nov 19862316:20
320B9 Nov 19862416:22
312A23 Nov 19862517:6
312B30 Nov 19862621:25part 1
314B30 Nov 19862621:25part 2
Ruth top
151A7 Dec 198611:16-17True commitment in confusing times
151B14 Dec 198622:12The goodness of God & his people
43A21 Dec 198633:9Redemption
43B28 Dec 198644:14-15Daily living and the atonement
1 Samuel top
593B6 Aug 200015(Marc Ellis)
259B7 May 198917(David Sprouse)
141A10 Jun 199017
547A8 Aug 199926:1-27:1(Roger Lindie)
1 Kings top
644B21 Jan 20018:54-9:9The power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ (Steve Mitchell)
212B13 Oct 199618:1-39The God who was, is, and will be ever more (Raymond Brown)
666A25 Aug 200222:7(Mark Raines)
2 Kings top
592B21 May 20005(Philip Grist)
455A1 Jun 199712:20-21
1 Chronicles top
302B12 Aug 199012
Job top
Job 1-21
591A30 Apr 200011:1-2:10
552A7 May 200022:11-3:26How to comfort those in distress
562A14 May 200034 & 5Care compassionately and apply appropriately when comforting those in distress
563A28 May 200046 & 7Things to expect from a time of grief
577A4 Jun 200058-10Mistakes for counsellors and sufferers to avoid
578A11 Jun 2000611-14More lessons for counsellors and sufferers
553B18 Jun 2000715-17A miserable comforter and a devastated man
554A2 Jul 2000818 & 19Do you know the living redeemer?
564A9 Jul 2000920 & 21The prosperity of the wicked and the adversity of the righteous
309A6 Nov 19882:1-10(Noel Espinosa)
227A19 May 19966(?Genesis)
14A24 Mar 199610
Psalms top
Psalm 32
56A22 Aug 1993132:1-2
57A29 Aug 1993232:3-5
57B5 Sep 1993332:6-7
56B12 Sep 1993432:8-12
Psalm 36
580A16 Jul 2000136:1-4The sinfulness of the wicked
595A23 Jul 2000236:5-9
579A30 Jul 2000336:10-12
Psalm 65
611A1 Oct 2000165Praise God for harvest
611B1 Oct 2000265Praise God for all his great deeds
Psalm 130
82A5 Mar 19951130:1-2
82B12 Mar 19952130:3
68A19 Mar 19953130:4
68B26 Mar 19954130:5-6
67B2 Apr 19955130:7-8
405B27 Jul 19971(Kevin Green)
211A11 Aug 19962(Kunda Kalifungwi)
592A21 May 20002(Philip Grist)
51A29 May 198811
38A19 Jun 198813
38B26 Jun 198814
55A10 Jul 198816
551A23 Apr 200016How to be sure of rising from the dead
52A31 Jul 198819
36A29 Jun 198619:7The law of God (?Preacher)
199B1 Jan 199519:7
420B15 Mar 199819:14(Mark Rowcroft)
52B14 Aug 1988?20
37A19 Feb 198921:1-7(?Preacher)
37B26 Feb 198921:8ff(?Preacher)
34A5 Mar 198922:1-21(?Preacher)
34B12 Mar 198922:22-31(?Preacher)
35A27 Dec 198723(?Preacher)
53A19 Mar 198923
676B12 Aug 200123(Mark Raines)
453A18 May 199724(Jonathan Holdt)
505B17 Jan 199932:1-2(David Higham)
54A13 Jul 1986?45
169B24 Feb 199146
665A4 Aug 200246 & 121How God helps us
168B10 Mar 199149
214A22 Sep 199651
500B11 Oct 199851True repentance (Robert Strevins)
11B10 Sep 199574
452A11 May 199780(Philip Grist)
519B29 Nov 199880(Steve Mitchell)
548A2 Jan 200090:4
190B15 May 199490:12
507A7 Feb 199990:12Numbering our days aright
32B7 Jan 1990126
636A7 Jul 2002130How to pray - how to begin and how to go on
32A17 Dec 1989134
54B28 Dec 1986135
188B2 Jan 1994146
31A10 Feb 1991147
Proverbs top
Proverbs 1-6
153A15 Mar 199211:1-7
153B22 Mar 199221:1-19
154A29 Mar 199231:20-33
154B5 Apr 199242
155A19 Apr 199253:1-10
155B3 May 199263:11-20(Intro. missing)
156A10 May 199273:13-35
156B24 May 199283:33-35Mockery and shame, or grace and honour
157A7 Jun 199294:1-9
157B28 Jun 1992104:18-27
158A5 Jul 1992115
158B19 Jul 1992126:1-15
159A26 Jul 1992136:16-19
159B2 Aug 1992146:20-29
Proverbs 7-12
160A26 Sep 199317
160B3 Oct 199328:1-21
161A10 Oct 199338:22-36
161B17 Oct 199349
162A24 Oct 1993510:1-14
162B7 Nov 1993610:15-32
163A21 Nov 1993711:14-31(1 channel only)
163B28 Nov 1993812:1-13
164A5 Dec 1993912:14-28
Proverbs 13-15
165B28 Aug 1994113:1-14
166A4 Sep 1994213:15-25
166B11 Sep 1994314:1-18
195A18 Sep 1994414:19-35
195B25 Sep 1994515:1-15
196A2 Oct 1994615:16-33
Proverbs 16-22
164B15 Jan 1995116:1-9
196B29 Jan 1995216:10-15
234A5 Feb 1995316:16-30
234B12 Feb 1995417
235A19 Feb 1995518
235B26 Feb 1995619
27A23 Apr 1995720
27B30 Apr 1995821
130B7 May 1995922:1-16
Proverbs 22-24
236B21 Apr 1996122:17-23:8
225B28 Apr 1996223:9-35
228A5 May 1996324:1-22
237A19 May 1996424:23-34
Proverbs 24-31
331B12 Jan 1997124:1-22Wisdom from heaven - your vital need
332B19 Jan 1997224:23-24The judgment is coming, so get your priorities right
336A26 Jan 1997325:1-28Wisdom for rulers and subjects
337B2 Feb 1997426:1-28The fool, the sluggard and other trouble-makers
338B9 Feb 1997527:1-27Be cautious ...
339B16 Feb 1997628:1-28Wisdom for government
340B23 Feb 1997729:1-27Lessons in wise and righteous leadership
342B2 Mar 1997830:1-17Learning from Agur about God and man
343B9 Mar 1997930:18-33Watch with Agur and grow in wisdom
336B16 Mar 19971031:1-9Learn from Lemuel; instructions for those devoted to God
345A23 Mar 19971131:9-31At home with wisdom
423A5 Apr 19982(Timothy Reynolds)
686B30 Dec 20013:5-6Follow the straight path of commitment
264A21 Jun 19878The wisdom of God
448B13 Apr 19978Seek the Lord as young as you can
666B25 Aug 200211:30(Mark Raines)
420A15 Mar 199814:12(Mark Rowcroft)
434B3 Jan 199927:1The foolishness of presuming upon the future
570B14 Nov 199930:17-31:9Lessons from a mother
Ecclesiastes top
194B26 Nov 1995(Philip Grist)
665B4 Aug 20024How we can help one another
466B31 Aug 19979:3Reflections on the death of Princess Diana
525B28 Mar 199912:1Remember your creator in the days of your youth (Tim Curnow)
683A14 Oct 200112:9-14Study, obedience, examination day - how to succeed as a student and in life
Isaiah top
Isaiah 1-12
1A6 Sep 199211
1B20 Sep 199222
2A27 Sep 199233:1-4:6
2B4 Oct 199245
3A11 Oct 199256
3B18 Oct 199267
4A1 Nov 199278:1-9:1
4B8 Nov 199289:1-10:4
5A15 Nov 1992910:5-34
5B6 Dec 19921011&12
Isaiah 9:6
559B19 Dec 199919:6aTo us a child is born
560A26 Dec 199929:6bWonderful Counsellor, Mighty God
560B26 Dec 199939:6cEverlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Isaiah 13-23
6A13 Mar 1994113
6B20 Mar 1994214:1-23
7A10 Apr 1994314:24-27
7B17 Apr 1994414:28-32
8A1 Jul 1994?517:1-11
8B8 Jul 1994?617:12-8:7
9A16 Oct 1994719
9B23 Oct 1994820
10A30 Oct 1994921
10B6 Nov 19941022
25A27 Nov 19941123
Isaiah 24-27
136A4 Feb 1996124
202A11 Feb 1996225
203A18 Feb 1996326
203B25 Feb 1996427
Isaiah 28-35
474A21 Jun 1998128Flee every false refuge and rest only in Christ
486A28 Jun 1998229Do not stagger at this word of warning and hope
487A5 Jul 1998330Repent, rest on Christ and so be saved; quietly trust and so find strength
488A12 Jul 1998431A temptation to be firmly resisted
489A19 Jul 1998532Christ's new society and the outpoured Spirit
490A26 Jul 1998633God's people under attack
491B2 Aug 1998734 & 35
Isaiah 36-41
612B8 Oct 2000136The appeal of unbelief
613B15 Oct 2000237How to react to the appeals of unbelief
614B22 Oct 2000338
581B5 Nov 2000439Beware of pride
615B12 Nov 2000540:1-11A word of comfort for sinners
616B19 Nov 2000640:12-31Take heart and look to the creator God
617B3 Dec 2000741The great God and the trustworthy consolations he brings
Isaiah 42-48
642B7 Jan 2001142The Servant of the Lord
643B14 Jan 2001242:17-43:28The mercy of God and the failure of his people
628A28 Jan 2001344
652B4 Feb 2001445Turn to God and be saved, for there is no other
623B11 Feb 2001546Run from worthless idols; look to the Lord who alone can save
622B18 Feb 2001647Flee from Babylon, soon to fall
630B4 Mar 2001748If only we would listen
Isaiah 49-53
606A11 Mar 2001149:1-13The saviour of the world
607A18 Mar 2001249:13ffAnswers for those who doubt
608B25 Mar 2001350What to do if you think God has finished with you
609B1 Apr 2001451:1-52:12Awake and be delivered
610B8 Apr 2001552:13-53:6Christ's humiliation for the sake of sinners
645B22 Apr 2001653:7-12Christ's submission and his victory
Isaiah 54-64
668B29 Apr 2001154Wonderful promises of blessing for God's people
669B6 May 2001255A wonderful invitation to you
628B13 May 2001356Obedience praised and self-indulgence condemned
641B20 May 2001457A warning against idolatery and a promise of salvation for the meek
647B3 Jun 2001558How real is your religion?
655B10 Jun 2001659Where our troubles come from and what to do about them
670B17 Jun 2001760 & 61Glory for God's people
672A1 Jul 2001863 & 64God's vengeance on his enemies and a prayer for mercy for his people
Isaiah 55
170B7 Oct 1990155:1-5
170A14 Oct 1990255:6-13
Isaiah 65-66
679B9 Sep 2001165:1-16Stop stubbornly provoking God and get ready for the great separation
680B16 Sep 2001265:17-25God's promise of new heavens and new earth - rejoice and contemplate
681B23 Sep 2001366:1-14Joy and peace for all who tremble at God's word
31B10 Feb 19911
408A14 Dec 19978:19-9:5Darkness and distress before Christ; light and relief when he comes
409A21 Dec 19979:6-7Unto us a child is born - have you recognized his humanity and his glory?
175A11 Sep 1988?28(T Wells)
680A16 Sep 200140; Luke 13:1-9Lessons from the recent atrocities in America (11 September)
197A5 Jun 199453:6
635B30 Jun 200255(Andrew Rowell)
329A3 Jan 198863:15-64:12(David Bond)
Jeremiah top
546A5 Sep 19991The 3 Rs: regeneration and other words you should know
258B10 Jun 19891:10(D Dawson)
197B19 Jun 19946:16(? 16:6)
431B6 Dec 19986:16Which way to go
667A1 Sep 20027:1-29Is your religion real?
674B22 Jul 20019:23-24
556B15 Aug 199910:1-16(Steve Mitchell)
674A22 Jul 200116:19-17:18
172A21 Oct 199017:9
453B18 May 199733(Jonathan Holdt)
396B26 Oct 199733and Romans 11 (Mike Grimshaw)
Daniel top
683B14 Oct 200111A call to make a stand for the Lord
657A28 Oct 200122:1-28,46-49The plight of man and the power of God
648A4 Nov 200132:29-45Mysteries revealed about the world's powers and God's kingdom
626A18 Nov 200143Refuse to conform to the idol worshipping ways of this world
649A2 Dec 200157Important things about the kingdom of this world and God's kingdom
631A6 Jan 200268Daniel's second vision
658A13 Jan 200275A warning message for hardened sinners
659A20 Jan 200289A call to reading, prayer and meditation
660A3 Feb 200296How to face persecution
662A17 Feb 20021010Encountering the living God
663A3 Mar 20021111:21-45Antichrist, his predecessors, and how to react
596B20 Aug 20003:12-30(Robin Asgher)
416B15 Feb 19985(Norris Pierre)
Hosea top
450B27 Apr 199711Disaster and reconciliation
451B4 May 199722Punishment and restoration
455B1 Jun 199733
456B8 Jun 199744A charge sheet from God
458A29 Jun 199755Admit your guilt and seek God your only hope
388B6 Jul 199766:1-6Returning to the Lord: promises and problems
459B13 Jul 199776:7-7:16The LORD's longing to restore, redeem and rejuvenate rebels
460B20 Jul 199788If you sow the wind, expect the whirlwind!
461B24 Aug 199799&10
462A14 Sep 19971011:12-12:14Turn round, stand up, stand still
406A21 Sep 19971113Decline and judgement; frustration and redemption
463B28 Sep 19971214How to get back to God
550B9 Apr 200013:9Our woeful state by nature and the help to be found in Christ
Amos top
640A18 Aug 20029(Steve Mitchell)
Jonah top
304A25 Jan 198711:6
304B1 Feb 198721:12
308A8 Feb 198732:9
308B22 Feb 198743:1-2
307A1 Mar 198753:8-9
307B15 Mar 198764
Micah top
16A20 Dec 19925:1-5
650A9 Dec 20015:1-2Trouble in Jerusalem; salvation from Bethlehem
624A16 Dec 20015:3-4Messiah - birth, brothers' return, shepherd role
Nahum top
542B22 Aug 199911:1-2
557B29 Aug 199921:3a
546B5 Sep 199931:3b-6Can you withstand God's indignation or endure his fierce wrath?
543A12 Sep 199941:7-8God is good, so trust in him
544A19 Sep 199951:9:15Destruction and deliverance
545B26 Sep 199962 & 3If God is against you
Zephaniah top
146A9 Jun 19911:1-13
146B16 Jun 19911:14-2:3
147A30 Jun 19912
147B21 Jul 19913
Zechariah top
454B25 May 19974:6Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit (Jonathan Holdt)
604A31 Dec 200013:1The opened fountain
Malachi top
539B18 Jul 19994The Sun of Righteousness has risen