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Unless otherwise stated, the preacher is our current pastor, Gary Brady.

Matthew top
Matthew 1-4 (1)
277A17 Dec 198911:1-17
277B24 Dec 198921:18-25
400A7 Jan 199032:1-12
400B14 Jan 199042:13-15
479B21 Jan 199052:16-18
479A28 Jan 199062:19-23
383A4 Feb 199073:1-6
383B18 Feb 199083:7-12
385A25 Feb 199093:13-17
385B4 Mar 1990104:1-11(A)
384A11 Mar 1990114:1-11(B)
384B18 Mar 1990124:12-17
484B25 Mar 1990134:18-22
484A1 Apr 1990144:23-25
Matthew 1-4 (2)
431A6 Dec 199811:1-17Matthew's genealogy of Christ - trust it, know it, and learn from it
432A13 Dec 199821:18-25How Jesus was born and why it was so, and the challenges this brings
433A20 Dec 199832:1-12Seek the truth - direction and encouragement
430B27 Dec 199842:18-25The Prince in Egypt and you
445A10 Jan 199952:16-18
446A24 Jan 199962:19-23Jesus the Nazarene - origin, significance and implications of the title
506A31 Jan 199973:1-12What you need to do to prepare to receive the Lord Jesus Christ
509A21 Feb 199983:11-17The baptism of Jesus and its significance, believer, for you
521B28 Feb 199994:1-11Look to the victorious, sympathetic, exemplary Saviour for salvation, comfort and guidance
522A7 Mar 1999104:12-17The great light dawns
523A14 Mar 1999114:18-22The call of Christ to you
524A21 Mar 1999124:23-25Jesus - the greatest evangelist, the greatest healer
Sermon on the Mount
391A5 Apr 198715:9Peacemakers
391B26 Apr 198725:10-12Persecution
425A10 May 198735:13-16
425B17 May 198745:17-18
436A31 May 198755:19-20
393A14 Jun 198765:22
393B28 Jun 198775:27-28
426A5 Jul 198785:31-32
426B12 Jul 198795:33-37
403A13 Sep 1987106:1-4
403B20 Sep 1987116:5-8(part 1)
392A27 Sep 1987126:5-8(part 2)
392B4 Oct 1987136:9
427A11 Oct 1987146:9
427B18 Oct 1987156:10
428A1 Nov 1987166:10
428B15 Nov 1987176:11-13
429A22 Nov 1987186:14-15
402A6 Dec 1987?196:16-18
436B13 Dec 1987206:19-24
401A10 Jan 1988216:25ff
401B17 Jan 1988226:33ff
387A31 Jan 1988237:1
387B7 Feb 1988247:2-5
386A14 Feb 1988257:6
437B21 Feb 1988267:7-8
438A6 Mar 1988277:12
438B27 Mar 1988287:13-14
305B10 Apr 1988297:15
360B17 Apr 1988307:16-20
439A24 Apr 1988317:21-23
439B1 May 1988327:24-29
Matthew 8-10
480A30 Jul 198918:1-4
480B6 Aug 198928:5-13
481A13 Aug 198938:14-17
481B20 Aug 198948:18-22Christian discipleship
399A27 Aug 198958:23-27
399B10 Sep 198968:28-34
482A17 Sep 198979:1-8
482B24 Sep 198989:9-13
483A1 Oct 198999:14-17
483B8 Oct 1989109:18-26
382A15 Oct 1989119:27-34
382B22 Oct 1989129:35-38
355A5 Nov 19891310:1-10
355B12 Nov 19891410:11-23
485A26 Nov 19891510:24-33
485B3 Dec 19891610:34-42
Matthew 11
357A7 Apr 1991111:1-19
357B14 Apr 1991211:7-10
359A21 Apr 1991311:11-15
359B28 Apr 1991411:16-19
358A5 May 1991511:16-24
358B12 May 1991611:25-26
356A19 May 1991711:27
356B2 Jun 1991811:28-30
Matthew 12-17
72A19 Jun 1994112:1-14
72B26 Jun 1994212:15-21
73A10 Jul 1994312:22-37
73B17 Jul 1994412:38-42
74A24 Jul 1994512:43-45
74B31 Jul 1994612:46-50
75A28 Aug 1994713:10-17
75B4 Sep 1994813:1-9;18-23
76A11 Sep 1994913:24-30;36-43
76B18 Sep 19941013:31-35
77A25 Sep 19941113:44-46
77B2 Oct 19941213:47-52
58A8 Jan 19951313:53-58
58B15 Jan 19951414:1-12
59A29 Jan 19951514:13-21
59B5 Feb 19951614:22-27
69A12 Feb 19951714:28-33
69B19 Feb 19951815:1-20
70A26 Feb 19951915:21-28
70B5 Mar 19952015:29-39
71A12 Mar 19952116:1-4
71B19 Mar 19952216:5-12
60A26 Mar 19952316:13-20
60B2 Apr 19952416:18-20
61A9 Apr 19952516:20-23
61B23 Apr 19952616:24-28
63A30 Apr 19952717:1-8
63B7 May 19952817:9-23
217A21 May 19952917:24-27
Matthew 18-22
411B11 Jan 1998118:1-9How to be great in the kingdom of God
412B18 Jan 1998218:10-20How to help others to be great in the kingdom of God
413B25 Jan 1998318:21-35Forgive one another as he forgave you
414B1 Feb 1998419:1-11Marriage, divorce and the single life
415B8 Feb 1998519:13-15Children come to Jesus
417B22 Feb 1998619:16-22What good thing must I do to inherit eternal life
418B1 Mar 1998719:16-26Impossible with men but possible with God
419B8 Mar 1998819:27-30Do Christians miss out?
421B22 Mar 1998920:1-16Last first and first last
422B29 Mar 19981020:17-19;16:13-21;17:22-23Christ facing the cross
440B26 Apr 19981120:20-28Holy ambitions
441B3 May 19981220:29-34A real opportunity for you tonight
386B17 May 19981321:1-11
443B24 May 19981421:12-17
478B7 Jun 19981521:18-22Fruitfulness and faith
473B14 Jun 19981621:23ffThe matter of obedience
474B21 Jun 19981721:28-32How prostitutes and embezzlers can be better than preachers and evangelists
486B28 Jun 19981821:33-46God of grace, God of wrath
487B5 Jul 19981922:1-14The great invitation
488B12 Jul 19982022:15-22Malice, wisdom and due honour
489B19 Jul 19982122:23-33Do you know the Scriptures and the power of God?
490B26 Jul 19982222:34-40The first and greatest commandment
491A2 Aug 19982322:41-46
Matthew 23-28
583B9 Jan 2000123:1-12Pertinent questions for potential Pharisees
561B23 Jan 2000223:13-28More pertinent questions for potential Pharisees
597A30 Jan 2000323:29-39
574B6 Feb 2000424:1-14How to react as the future unfolds
586B20 Feb 2000524:32-51Fig trees, Noah's ark and thieves. Being ready for Christ's return
575B5 Mar 2000625:1-13Are you wise or foolish?
576B12 Mar 2000725:14-30What are you doing with your Master's money?
588B19 Mar 2000825:31-46Eternal punishment and eternal life
591B30 Apr 2000926:1-16
552B7 May 20001026:17-30Lessons of the Lord's Supper from the last supper
562B14 May 20001126:31-35An antidote to pride and self-sufficiency
563B28 May 20001226:36-46The man of sorrows faces the cross
577B4 Jun 20001326:47-56Enemies, friends and the Saviour himself - learning from Jesus himself
578B11 Jun 20001426:57-75More on enemies, friends and the Saviour himself - learning from Jesus himself
553A18 Jun 20001527:1-10Remorse, hypocrisy and prophecy fulfilled
554B2 Jul 20001627:11-26The governor, his wife, his prisoner, the people and the Saviour himself
564B9 Jul 20001727:27-44The cross and how Christ was mocked
580B16 Jul 20001827:45-54The testimonies of darkness, miracles, and a centurion
595B23 Jul 20001927:55-28:15
579B30 Jul 20002028:16-20
276A8 Dec 19911:1-17
278A15 Dec 19911:18-25
187B26 Dec 19931:18-25
23B17 Dec 19951:18-25Jesus the Saviour
327A15 Dec 19961:18-25Like Joseph, be righteous; hear God's word and obey it
329B25 Dec 19962:1-12The wise men and you
685A23 Dec 20012:2Come to the one born king of the Jews and worship him
619B24 Dec 20002:10When they saw the star they were overjoyed
18B25 Dec 19942:11
213A17 Mar 19962:13-23Dunblane and Bethlehem; learning from providence and scripture
354B20 Dec 19872:15
55B10 Jul 1988?4:18-25(& John 21:1-14) Forgetfulness (Steve Mitchell)
257A12 Jun 19886:5-15(Bob Sheehan)
596A20 Aug 20009:12-13(Mark Raines)
590A16 Apr 20009:35-38Saviour, seeking the lost (Robin Asgher)
192B5 Jun 19949:36
590B16 Apr 200010:1-20Victory in the Lord Jesus Christ (Robin Asgher)
518A22 Nov 199811:12Violence, the kingdom of God and you
249A14 Sep 198612:39-40(Baptism - Gary H)
493B16 Aug 199813:31-35The kingdom of God (Steve Mitchell)
508B14 Feb 199916:18I will build my church (Paul Brown)
620A28 Jul 200216:18bI will build my church (Robin Asgher)
361B18 Sep 198816:24
621B9 Jun 200218:1-9Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
405A27 Jul 199722:1-14Are you properly dressed?
682A30 Sep 200122:1-14Come to the Saviour (Robin Asgher)
395A15 Jun 199726:36A place called Gethsemane (Jonathan Holdt)
270B17 Nov 199627:1-56The trial of Jesus (Jonathan Holdt)
360A10 Apr 198827:26
653A15 Apr 200128:1-10The resurrection - a seismic event
138B26 Apr 198728:18-20(Baptism - Sarah F?)
416A15 Feb 199828:18-20(Norris Pierre)
Mark top
561A23 Jan 20001:9-28Good news for you of a sympathetic, calling and powerful Messiah
639A11 Aug 20022:10(Mark Raines)
211B11 Aug 19965:1-20(Andrew Gordon)
472B19 Apr 19985:21-34Jesus, the great healer
361A18 Sep 19888:35-36
142B22 Apr 19909:13-16
30A27 Dec 199210:17-23
30B3 Jan 199310:23-31
654B27 May 200110:46-52Bartimaeus
475A5 Jan 198614:1-11
476B12 Jan 198614:12-21
477B19 Jan 198614:22-50
354A6 Dec 198714:24(Steve Mitchell)
140A20 Jan 199115:16-39
389A3 Apr 198816:4
Luke top
Luke 2
64A4 Dec 199412:8-11
64B11 Dec 199422:12-15
65A18 Dec 199432:16-20
Luke 2:21-36
650B9 Dec 200112:21Just a week old - the 8 day old Saviour
624B16 Dec 200122:22-25aSix weeks old - the 40 day old Saviour
685B23 Dec 200132:25-36Holiness, worship and Jesus; life's trials and Jesus again
Luke 15
17A5 Jan 1992115Welcome, sinners, welcome
15A26 Jan 1992215:8-10
15B2 Feb 1992315:11-24
19A9 Feb 1992415:25-32
A fresh look at the Cross
663B3 Mar 2002123:26-33;39-43Learning from some who were there
664B17 Mar 2002223:44-49Six more significant elements
A fresh look at the Resurrection of Christ
632A31 Mar 2002124:1-12Proofs and witnesses
632B31 Mar 2002224:13ffThe risen Christ and his witness
684A11 Nov 20011:13-17What is the purpose of the preacher? (Robin Asgher)
328A8 Dec 19961:26-38God's greatness and goodness revealed in Gabriel and his announcement of Messiah's birth
328B8 Dec 19961:26-38;46-56Reacting and reflecting with Mary at the good news of Jesus' coming
656B21 Oct 20011:26-38(Robin Asgher)
201B24 Dec 19951:39-45
20B13 Dec 19921:46-56
311A18 Dec 19882:1-20
20A13 Dec 19922:1-20
409B21 Dec 19972:7The humility of Christ as he lay in the manger at Bethlehem
433B20 Dec 19982:7Make room for Christ in your heart
603B17 Dec 20002:7Make room for Christ in your heart
278B15 Dec 19912:8-20
327B15 Dec 19962:8-20The good news the shepherds heard; how it is revealed and how to receive it
432B13 Dec 19982:8-20The Good News - How it is revealed and how to receive it
619A24 Dec 20002:14Glory to God in the highest
187A26 Dec 19932:19
326B22 Dec 19962:25-36Be holy; worship God; consider Christ
296B22 Dec 19962:36-38How to respond to life's trials and to Jesus
602A26 Nov 20002:41-52Losing Christ, learning from Christ, and treasuring Christ (Mark Raines)
627A15 Jul 20013:1-9The gospel that John the Baptist preached (Marc Ellis)
657B28 Oct 20014:1-4What is temptation? (Robin Asgher)
648B4 Nov 20014:1-13What is temptation? (Robin Asgher)
684B11 Nov 20014:31-44Why preaching? (Robin Asgher)
279B13 Mar 19885:17-20
633B21 Apr 20025:20Friend, your sins are forgiven (Robin Asgher)
637A14 Jul 20027:36-50How to know if you're forgiven
594B25 Jun 20009:28-36The transfiguration (Mark Raines)
493A16 Aug 199811:1-13Prayer (Steve Mitchell)
140B27 Jan 199112:13-21
394B10 Aug 199712:13-21(Robert Strivens)
429B29 Nov 198713:3-5
129A8 Oct 199513:6-9
447B6 Apr 199714:1-24Everything is ready - are you?
601A24 Sep 200014:15-24The parable of the great banquet (Roger Lindie)
28B28 May 199514:17
407A7 Dec 199715:11-32The prodigal son
198A26 Jun 199416:19-31
675A29 Jul 200116:29-31The importance of Scripture (Philip Grist)
259A7 May 198918:9-14(David Sprouse)
679A9 Sep 200118:9-30Repentance
587B27 Feb 200019:10The Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost (Mark Raines)
589B26 Mar 200023:32-46(Marc Ellis)
142A15 Apr 199024:13-35
191B3 Apr 199424:25-26
551B23 Apr 200024:36-49How the risen Christ convinces sceptics
341A8 Nov 198724:42-43(Philip Eveson)
John top
John 1:1-13
572A5 Dec 19991:1-5The everlasting Word
573A12 Dec 19991:6-9The true light
559A19 Dec 19991:10-13Will you reject the Word or receive him?
John 1-4
80A6 Sep 199211:1-9
80B13 Sep 199221:10-18
90A20 Sep 199231:19-34(Blank?)
90B27 Sep 199241:35-41
91A4 Oct 199252:1-11
91B11 Oct 199262:12-15
92A18 Oct 199273:1-15
92B1 Nov 199283:16-21
81A15 Nov 199293:22-36
81B6 Dec 1992104:1-26
John 3
179A31 Aug 198613:3
179B7 Sep 198623:5
148A14 Sep 198633:11-12
148B21 Sep 198643:14-15
149A28 Sep 198653:16
149B5 Oct 198663:17-18
343A12 Oct 198673:19-21
John 4-6
93A18 Apr 199314:27-42
93B25 Apr 199324:43-54
94A16 May 199335:1-16
94B13 Jun 199345:16-23
95A20 Jun 199355:24-30
95B27 Jun 199365:31-47
96A4 Jul 199376:1-14
96B11 Jul 199386:16-21
John 6-9
97A23 Jan 199416:22-27
97B30 Jan 199426:28-35
98A6 Feb 199436:36-40
98B20 Feb 199446:41-51
99A27 Feb 199456:52-59
99B6 Mar 199466:60-71
100A13 Mar 199477:1-13
100B20 Mar 199487:14-24
101A27 Mar 199497:25-36
101B10 Apr 1994107:37-39
102A17 Apr 1994117:40-52
102B24 Apr 1994127:53-8:11
103A1 May 1994138:12
103B8 May 1994148:12-20
104A15 May 1994158:21-29
104B22 May 1994168:30-36
105A16 Oct 1994178:37-40
105B23 Oct 1994188:41-47
106A30 Oct 1994198:48-59
106B6 Nov 1994209:1-12
107A20 Nov 1994219:13-34
107B27 Nov 1994229:35-41
John 10-16
108A11 Jun 1995110:1-5
108B18 Jun 1995210:1-18
109A2 Jul 1995310:14-21
109B16 Jul 1995410:22-42
110A27 Aug 1995511:1-11
110B3 Sep 1995611:17-27
127A10 Sep 1995711:28-44
127B17 Sep 1995811:45-57
128A24 Sep 1995912:1-11
128B1 Oct 19951012:12-19
129B8 Oct 19951112:20-26
130A15 Oct 19951212:27-36
131A22 Oct 19951312:37-49
131B29 Oct 19951413:1-17
132A12 Nov 19951513:18-30
132B19 Nov 19951613:31-38
133A3 Dec 19951714:1-3Reasons for comfort in sorrow
133B10 Dec 19951814:4-11Jesus: the only way to God
134A7 Jan 19961914:15-24What God requires and how he blesses his own
134B14 Jan 19962014:25-31Truth and peace for you
135A21 Jan 19962115:1-8
135B28 Jan 19962215:9-17Find love and joy in Christ
202B4 Feb 19962315:18-16:4
136B11 Feb 19962416:5-15
252A18 Feb 19962516:16-33
John 17-21
219A2 Jun 1996117:1-5God's glory and man's salvation
219B9 Jun 1996217:6-12The praying Saviour
220A16 Jun 1996317:13-19
220B30 Jun 1996417:20-26
221A7 Jul 1996518:1-11Operation Jesus
221B14 Jul 1996618:12-27
222A21 Jul 1996718:28-40
222B28 Jul 1996818:38-19:6
223A4 Aug 1996919:16-27
231B1 Sep 19961019:17-27
217B8 Sep 19961119:28-29
232A15 Sep 19961219:30Finished!
233A29 Sep 19961319:31-37A testimony to help you believe
233B6 Oct 19961419:38-42The significance of Jesus' burial
249B20 Oct 19961520:1-9The witness of the empty tomb
255B27 Oct 19961620:10-18
262A3 Nov 19961720:19-23How to find peace
262B10 Nov 19961820:24-31Answers for doubters
322B24 Nov 19961921:1-14Encountering the risen Lord
326A1 Dec 19962021:15-25Follow Christ
I am ...
301A4 Nov 199016:51
301B11 Nov 199028:12
181A18 Nov 1990310:9
181B25 Nov 1990410:11
180A2 Dec 1990511:25
180B9 Dec 1990614:6
172B16 Dec 1990715:1-8
185B12 Dec 19931:1-14
454A25 May 19971:1-5The deity of Christ (Jonathan Holdt)
186A19 Dec 19931:14
445B10 Jan 19991:51
625A5 Aug 20012:1-11The best source of pleasure (Mark Raines)
174A21 Aug 19882:17
676A12 Aug 20012:17(Mark Raines)
510A4 Apr 19992:19-22The true temple of God - one destroyed but now restored forever
300A3 Feb 19913:1-16
232B22 Sep 19963:1-21What Jesus says about the cross (Geoff Gobbett)
26A4 Jun 19953:14-21
201A24 Dec 19953:16God: what he's like, what he's done, what he requires
527B25 Apr 19993:16The Bible in miniature (Philip Eveson)
582A29 Oct 20003:16(Mark Raines)
457B22 Jun 19974:1-26(Jonathan Holdt)
627B15 Jul 20014:1-26(& Psalm 136) Worship (Robin Asgher)
638A21 Jul 20024:1-26I can't get no satisfaction
28A21 May 19955:25
640B18 Aug 20027:53-8:11(Steve Mitchell)
594A25 Jun 20008:12-18Jesus, the light of the world (Marc Ellis)
635A30 Jun 200211:1-46The King of life (Andrew Rowell)
22A23 May 199311:25-26
407B7 Dec 199714:1-6
604B31 Dec 200016:33Taking heart in trouble
465A17 Aug 199717:24(Daniel Grimwade)
558A10 Oct 199919:31-42Being prepared (John Kilpatrick)
297B31 Mar 199120:1-29
424A12 Apr 199820:1-9The witness of the empty tomb and of Old Testament scripture
190A3 Apr 199420:29