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Unless otherwise stated, the preacher is our current pastor, Gary Brady.

Acts top
681A23 Sep 20012:32-47Accept the message of Christ and live the Christian life
53B8 Jan 19893:1-4:12
464A3 Aug 19973&4(Roger Lindie)
500A11 Oct 19983:1-10A miracle of compassion and power, pointing to a greater one (Robert Strevins)
25B31 Dec 19953:19-20
362A8 Jan 19894:12
517B25 Feb 20014:23-37What a difference a prayer meeting can make
460A20 Jul 19978:26-40Seeking admiration to believing affirmation - how far have you come?
442A10 May 19988:26-40Meeting, conversing, understanding, baptizing, parting
404B5 Oct 19979Have you seen the light?
253A25 Feb 199610Are you good enough for God?
310A7 Aug 198812:1-18(John Bowen)
673A8 Jul 200112:20-13:5;15:36-16:5What is an assistant pastor?
467B12 Oct 199713:1-2Hear God's word and trust in his power (Sergius Paulus)
468B19 Oct 199714:8-20;16:1-5Have you been converted and are you ready to serve the Lord?
469B2 Nov 199716:6-34Be converted and live the Christian life
309B6 Nov 198816:11-15(Noel Espinosa)
565B3 Oct 199916:11-40Who will be next? (Baptism - Veronica)
193B8 Jan 199516:30-31
398B9 Nov 199717:17-34Good news from God for those far from him
677B19 Aug 200120:7-12
167A23 Dec 199020:35
470B16 Nov 199724:24-27Righteousness, self-control & judgement; how do you react to this message?
397B23 Nov 199724:27-25:22Are you competent and efficient; do you understand and accept the gospel?
471B30 Nov 199725:23-26:32Are you persuaded to become a Christian?
Romans top
Romans 1-3
363A2 Oct 19881:1
363B9 Oct 19881:2-3
364A16 Oct 19881:3-4
364B23 Oct 19881:5-6
365B30 Oct 19881:6-7
366A27 Nov 19881:18-20
366B4 Dec 19881:18-32
362B15 Jan 19891:28-32
367A22 Jan 19892:1-4
367B29 Jan 19892:5-10
368A5 Feb 19892:12-16
368B12 Feb 19892:16-28
369A19 Feb 19893:1-8
379A5 Mar 19893:8-20
379B12 Mar 19893:21-24
303A19 Mar 19893:25-26
303B26 Mar 19893:27-31
Romans 1-6
204A17 Sep 199511:1-7
204B24 Sep 199521:8-15
205A1 Oct 199531:16
205B15 Oct 199541:17
206A22 Oct 199551:18-20
206B29 Oct 199561:21-32
207A12 Nov 199572:1-11
207B19 Nov 199582:12-16
208A3 Dec 199592:17-29A warning for the religious
208B10 Dec 1995103:1-8What's the good in being religious?
209A7 Jan 1996113:9-20God's law and your sin
209B14 Jan 1996123:21-24How to find true righteousness
210A21 Jan 1996133:24-26Christ crucified; why, and our response
210B28 Jan 1996143:27-31Humility, unity and upholding God's law
254A24 Mar 1996154:1-12(Intro. missing)
254B31 Mar 1996164:13-17Faith not law
224A14 Apr 1996174:18-25
224B21 Apr 1996185:1-11The blessings of justification
225A28 Apr 1996195:5-8
226A5 May 1996205:9-11
227B2 Jun 1996215:12-14Adam and you
228B9 Jun 1996225:15-19Dead in Adam; are you alive in Christ?
237B16 Jun 1996235:20-21Grace abounding
229A30 Jun 1996246:1-2Can your sin make grace abound?
229B7 Jul 1996256:3-5The name and meaning of baptism
230A14 Jul 1996266:6-10
230B21 Jul 1996276:11-14
231A28 Jul 1996286:15-23
Romans 7-8
337A2 Feb 199717:1-4Freedom from law in order to please God
338A9 Feb 199727:5-6The new way of the Spirit, not the old way of the flesh
339A16 Feb 199737:7-12God's holy, righteous and good law
340A23 Feb 199747:13-20The spirituality of the law and the unspirituality of the believer
341B2 Mar 199757:21-25The Christian life - a life of continual struggle
344B9 Mar 199768:1-2No condemnation in Christ
345B16 Mar 199778:3-4What God has done to set men free
344A23 Mar 199788:5-8Are you living in accordance with the Spirit?
437A30 Mar 199798:9-11
447A6 Apr 1997108:12-13What every Christian should know
448A13 Apr 1997118:14-16Do you have the witness of the Spirit?
449A20 Apr 1997128:17An amazing inheritance
450A27 Apr 1997138:18Present sufferings and future glory not worth comparing
451A4 May 1997148:19-22Creation: present troubles and future glory
Romans 8
599A10 Sep 200018:1-2No condemnation - what and why
600A17 Sep 200028:3-4Do not rely on the law, but on what God has done
612A8 Oct 200038:5-8Spiritually or carnally - how do you live?
613A15 Oct 200048:9-11Is the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead living in you?
614A22 Oct 200058:12-13
581A5 Nov 200068:14-16Do you have the witness of the Spirit?
615A12 Nov 200078:17Heirs and joint heirs headed for glory
616A19 Nov 200088:18Present sufferings, future glory - not worth comparing
617A3 Dec 200098:19-22Creation - present troubles and future glory
642A7 Jan 2001108:23-25The proper spiritual condition and attitude of the believer on earth
643A14 Jan 2001118:26-27Understanding our weakness and the Spirit's intercession
646A28 Jan 2001128:28
652A4 Feb 2001138:29-30The five link golden chain of salvation
623A11 Feb 2001148:31-32Guaranteed safety; guaranteed blessing
622A18 Feb 2001158:33-39More than conquerors through Christ
Romans 9
606B11 Mar 200119:1-5What about religious people who're not converted?
607B18 Mar 200129:6-13Why God's Word can never fail
608A25 Mar 200139:14-21Why God is not unjust
609A1 Apr 200149:22-29Elect or reprobate - understand God's purposes and methods
610A8 Apr 200159:30-33How to seek righteousness without coming to shame
Romans 10
380A25 Aug 1991110:1
380B1 Sep 1991210:2Is zeal enough?
381A8 Sep 1991310:3
381B15 Sep 1991410:4Christ the end of the law
283A22 Sep 1991510:5-9
283B29 Sep 1991610:9-10
284A6 Oct 1991710:11
284B13 Oct 1991810:11-14
285A20 Oct 1991910:14-15
285B3 Nov 19911010:16-18
282B10 Nov 19911110:19-21
Romans 10-12
645A22 Apr 2001110:1-13How you can be saved (1 channel only)
668A29 Apr 2001210:14-21Evangelism: why is it necessary and why does it frequently fail?
669A6 May 2001311:1-10Has God finished with the Jews?
646B13 May 2001411:11-24Israel's fall, gentile reconciliation; long for greater blessing
641A20 May 2001511:25-32As a Christian, what should your attitude be to the Jews?
654A27 May 2001611:33-36To God be the glory for ever
655A10 Jun 2001712:1-2Key elements in living for God
670A17 Jun 2001812:3-8Humility and servanthood - key elements in thinking rightly about ourselves
671A24 Jun 2001912:9-16Key principles for relating to one another in Christ
671B1 Jul 20011012:17-21Key principles for relating to outsiders
Romans 13-16
626B18 Nov 2001113:1-7Submission to the powers that be - an important Christian virtue
649B2 Dec 2001213:11-14Unerstand the present time and live in an appropriate manner
631B6 Jan 2002314:1-13aThe Christian duty of accepting brothers and not condemning them
658B13 Jan 2002414:13-23Mutual Christian duties in light of our brotherhood and the Kingdom
659B20 Jan 2002515:1-13Final admonitions on accepting one another
660B3 Feb 2002615:14-21Bold preachers and the nature of the Christian ministry
661B10 Feb 2002715:22-33An affectionate desire, a merciful purpose, and a humble request to emulate
662B17 Feb 2002816:1-16Workers, friends and other believers - insights into New Testament faith
639B11 Aug 20021:16(Andrew Rowell)
139B4 May 19861:17(Baptism - Franciska G)
558B10 Oct 19994:18-25The power of the resurrection (John Kilpatrick)
62B16 Apr 19954:25
306B17 Jul 19886:1-23(Steve Mitchell)
62A16 Apr 19956:1-14
478A31 May 19876:23(Robert Kilgour)
464B3 Aug 19978:1-27(Roger Lindie)
547B8 Aug 19998(Roger Lindie)
633A21 Apr 20028:15The Holy Spirit of sonship (Robin Asgher)
22B23 May 19938:28
200B3 Sep 19958:28
629A2 Sep 200110:1-15The only way you can be right with God is by trusting in Jesus Christ
369B26 Feb 198912:21(Roger Lindie)
492A9 Aug 199812:21(Roger Lindie)
1 Corinthians top
1 Corinthians 1-7
286A7 Oct 199011:1-9
286B14 Oct 199021:10-17
287A21 Oct 199031:17-25
287B4 Nov 199041:26-2:5
288A11 Nov 199052:6-16
288B18 Nov 199063:1-9
289A25 Nov 199073:10-17
289B2 Dec 199083:18-4:5
238A9 Dec 199094:3-7
238B16 Dec 1990104:3-13
239A6 Jan 1991114:14-21
239B13 Jan 1991125:1-13
240A20 Jan 1991136:1-8
240B27 Jan 1991146:9-11
290A3 Feb 1991156:12-20
290B17 Feb 1991167:1-9
291A24 Feb 1991177:10-16
291B3 Mar 1991187:17-24
292A10 Mar 1991197:25-35
292B17 Mar 1991207:36-40
1 Corinthians 8-16
293A29 Sep 199118:1-3
293B6 Oct 199128:4-13
294A13 Oct 199139:1-19
294B3 Nov 199149:19-23
295A10 Nov 199159:24-27
295B24 Nov 1991610:1-13
296A1 Dec 1991710:14-11:1
241A19 Jan 1992811:1-16
241B26 Jan 1992911:17-34
242A2 Feb 19921011:23-34
242B9 Feb 19921112:1-11
243A16 Feb 19921212:12-30
243B23 Feb 19921313:1-3
244A1 Mar 19921413:4-7
244B15 Mar 19921513:8-13
245A22 Mar 19921614:1-20
245B29 Mar 19921714:21-40
246A5 Apr 19921815:1-11 (a)
246B19 Apr 19921915:1-11 (b)
247A26 Apr 19922015:12-28
247B3 May 19922115:29-34
248A10 May 19922215:35-49
248B17 May 19922315:50-58
275A24 May 19922416:1-4Christian giving
275B7 Jun 19922516:5-14Guidance
322A21 Jun 19922616:15-24
175B11 Sep 19882:1-5(Phil Bancroft)
258A10 Jun 19892(D Dawson)
199A1 Jan 199514:33,40
297A31 Mar 199115:1-23
212A13 Oct 199615:1-11(Raymond Brown)
424B12 Apr 199815:1-23
653B15 Apr 200115The significance of Christ's resurrection from the dead
13B7 Apr 199620The good news; its origin, message and effect
2 Corinthians top
2 Corinthians 1-8
494B23 Aug 199811:1-11
495B30 Aug 199821:12-2:4How to lay plans and make decision in a Christian way
496B6 Sep 199832:5-17Excommunication and forgiveness; death and life; dealing with unbelievers and believers
497B13 Sep 199842:14-3:18Do you understand the nature of the Christian ministry
498A20 Sep 199854:1-12More insight into new covenant ministry
499B4 Oct 199864:13-18Why a Christian need never lose heart preaching the gospel
501B18 Oct 199875:1-10Why Christians can always be confident
502B25 Oct 199885:11-17The ministry that transforms
503B1 Nov 199895:17-21
504B8 Nov 1998106:1-13
520A15 Nov 1998116:14-7:1Pursue purity and perfection
462B25 Dec 1998128Christmas message
525A28 Mar 19994:1-6Do not lose heart (Tim Curnow)
24B11 Apr 19934:5(?Preacher)
687A3 Nov 20024:13-18Why a Christian need never lose heart preaching the gospel
236A14 Apr 19965:11-6:2Be reconciled to God
465B17 Aug 19975:21(Daniel Grimwade)
223B4 Aug 19967:8-11
167B23 Dec 19908:9
185A12 Dec 19938:9
603A17 Dec 20008:9What the Lord Jesus Christ has done, and why
549A2 Apr 20009:8Abundant grace to you
444A31 May 199810:5Thoughts (Philip Grist, Intro. missing)
192A22 May 199413:5
492B9 Aug 199813:14(Roger Lindie)
Galatians top
302A5 Aug 19902:20
213B17 Mar 19963:10-14The wrong way vs. the right way
250A2 Jul 19954:8-20
583A9 Jan 20005:16-22Are you being led by the Spirit?
672B7 Oct 20016:6-10The harvest principle
365A30 Oct 19886:7-10
Ephesians top
111A17 Jan 199311:1-14
111B24 Jan 199321:7-14
184A31 Jan 199331:13-14
184B7 Feb 199341:15-19
112A14 Feb 199351:19-23
112B28 Feb 199362:1-3
113A7 Mar 199372:4-7
113B21 Mar 199382:8-10
114A28 Mar 199392:11-13
114B18 Apr 1993102:14-16
115A25 Apr 1993112:17-18
115B9 May 1993122:19-22
116A16 May 1993133:1-6
116B13 Jun 1993143:7-10
117A20 Jun 1993153:11-13
117B27 Jun 1993163:14-19
118A4 Jul 1993173:19-20
118B11 Jul 1993184:1-6
119A18 Jul 1993194:7-16
120A26 Sep 1993204:17-24
119B3 Oct 1993214:20-32
120B10 Oct 1993225:1-7
137B17 Oct 1993235:8-14
121A7 Nov 1993245:18-21(5:15-17 - 24/10/93 - missing)
121B14 Nov 1993255:22-24
122A21 Nov 1993265:25-33
122B28 Nov 1993276:1-3
123A5 Dec 1993286:5-9
123B9 Jan 1994296:10-13
124A16 Jan 1994306:13-14
124B23 Jan 1994316:14-15
125A30 Jan 1994326:16
125B6 Feb 1994336:17
126A20 Feb 1994346:18
126B27 Feb 1994356:19-20
137A6 Mar 1994366:21-24
505A17 Jan 19991:1-14(David Higham)
394A10 Aug 19971:3-10(Robert Strivens)
466A31 Aug 19971:15-19aUsing the secret weapon prayer; praying for all the saints
342A?1:18-23(Easter Day)
150A16 Sep 19902:1-10
176B30 Sep 19902:1-10
165A31 Jul 19942:1-10
395B15 Jun 19972:1-10(Jonathan Holdt)
582B29 Oct 20002:1-10(Robin Asgher)
675B29 Jul 20012:1-10Grace (Philip Grist)
430A27 Dec 19983:18-19(part 1)
434A3 Jan 19993:18-19(part 2) All loves excelling - A further description of the indescribable
306A17 Jul 19884:1
682B30 Sep 20016:10-20Be strong in the Lord (Robin Asgher)
461A24 Aug 19976:18-24
Philippians top
673B8 Jul 20011:12-26For me to live is Christ (Marc Ellis)
253B3 Mar 19961:21Make Christ your all
66A11 Dec 19942:1-4
66B4 Dec 19942:5-11
65B18 Dec 19942:9-11
194A26 Nov 19953:10(Philip Grist)
Colossians top
472A19 Apr 19981:15-23Good news for all
13A7 Apr 19963:1-4:6Living in the light of Christ's resurrection
388A6 Jul 19973:1-4:6Smoking, drinking, make-up & caviar? What is a Christian lifestyle?
458B29 Jun 19973:16;4:2Let Christ's word dwell in you richly; devote yourselves to prayer
459A13 Jul 19973:18-4:1What to do and why, at home and at work
1 Thessalonians top
411A11 Jan 199811:1-3Is there evidence for your claim to be a Christian?
412A18 Jan 199821:4-10How can I know if I am elect?
413A25 Jan 199832:1-12Good preaching and good listening
414A1 Feb 199842:17-3:13Do you truly love your fellow believers?
415A8 Feb 199854:1-10Be pure and kind, and so please God
417A22 Feb 199864:11-12Holy ambition
418A1 Mar 199874:13-5:11The Lord's coming; what will happen and how to prepare
419A8 Mar 199885:12-15Right attitudes for church members
421A22 Mar 199895:16-22Right attitudes for church members
422A29 Mar 1998105:23ffHoliness - where it comes from and how it shows itself
556A15 Aug 1999Assurance (Steve Mitchell)
644A21 Jan 20014:1-2;11-12;5:12-18How to live in order to please God (Steve Mitchell)
29B30 May 19934:13-18
2 Thessalonians top
440A26 Apr 199811:1-5Vital virtues and what they reveal
441A3 May 199821:6-10Remember, God is just
442B10 May 199831:11-12Praying for others - how? when? what? why?
378A17 May 199842:1-12What will happen when Christ returns?
443A24 May 199852:13-17
389B7 Jun 199863:1-5
473A14 Jun 199873:16-18Dealing with the sin of idleness
1 Timothy top
18A25 Dec 19941:15
323B5 Jan 19971:15Christ came to save sinners
321A?2The role of women in the church
270A7 Sep 19863:8Deacons
549B2 Apr 20003:16An open secret
2 Timothy top
24A11 Apr 19932:8(?Preacher)
152A5 Jan 19923Remember and continue
152B12 Jan 19923The book you can't put down
435B27 Sep 19983:14-15(Baptism - Elizabeth)
584B16 Jan 20003:16(Robin Asgher)
593A6 Aug 20004:1-8(Robin Asgher)
Titus top
Summarizing the gospel
323A5 Jan 199713:3What is wrong with you
331A12 Jan 199723:4-5Where salvation begins
332A19 Jan 199733:5b-6aHow God saves his people
335B26 Jan 199743:6b-7The basis and goal of salvation
Hebrews top
16B20 Dec 19921
542A22 Aug 19991Revelation
618A10 Dec 20001:1-4God has spoken
335A20 Dec 19871:2
23A17 Dec 19952:10-18What Jesus has done and why he did it
618B10 Dec 20002:10-18What Jesus has done and why he did it
598A27 Aug 20003:12-15Self-examination
452B11 May 19974:15(Philip Grist)
51B1 Nov 19876:19-7:28Melchizedek
11A23 Jul 19956:19
189A9 Jan 19947:10-25
174B28 Aug 19887:25(?Preacher)
215A23 Jun 19969 & 10(Steve Mitchell)
519A29 Nov 19989(Steve Mitchell)
29A30 May 19939:27-28
188A2 Jan 199410:20
215B23 Jun 199611 & 12(Steve Mitchell)
664A17 Mar 200211A call to live as an alien and a stranger on earth
457A22 Jun 199712:1-2(Jonathan Holdt)
508A14 Feb 199913:5-6I will never leave you, nor forsake you (Paul Brown)
527A25 Apr 199913:8Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Philip Eveson)
686A30 Dec 200113:8In changing times, trust in the unchanging Christ
550A9 Apr 200013:12Christ's sacrificial death and its implication
James top
267B17 Nov 19963:2-12Controlling the tongue (Jonathan Holdt)
321B29 Dec 19964:1-17How to lay plans for the coming year
602B26 Nov 20004:6God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (Mark Raines)
517A25 Feb 20014:8aCome near to God, and he will come near to you
1 Peter top
625B5 Aug 20011:19The precious blood of Christ (Robin Asgher)
621A9 Jun 20022:1-3Time to grow up
423B5 Apr 19982:4-8(Daniel Grimwade)
191A27 Mar 19942:7a
634A2 Jun 20022:17Giving proper respect to all
567B24 Oct 19992:24
150B16 Sep 19903:1-7
139A16 Mar 19863:18-22(Baptism)
138A13 Sep 19863:18-21(Philip Eveson, Baptism - Saturday, with Kensit)
19B16 Feb 19923:18
2 Peter top
11 Sermons on 2 Peter
512A10 Sep 1989?11:1-2Precious gift of faith and blessings that follow
512B17 Sep 1989?21:3-4Glory and liberty of those who know God
513A24 Sep 1989?31:5-11Eager effort in holy living; key to effective and assured Christian life
513B1 Oct 1989?41:12-21Keep in mind the gospel; not fantasy but eye-witness accounts
514A8 Oct 1989?52:1-3False teachers; ever present deceivers God will destroy
514B15 Oct 1989?62:4-9Encouragements for the righteous
515A22 Oct 1989?72:10-22False teachers; arrogant, brutal, lustful, greedy, superficial, doomed
515B5 Nov 198983:1-7Stimulus to Biblical thinking; refuting deniers of the second coming
516A12 Nov 198993:8-10Answers to those who deny the second coming from God's character
516B26 Nov 1989103:11-14Characteristics of the true Christian in view of the judgement
605A3 Dec 1989113:15-18Revision: second coming; scripture; repetition; false teachers; growing in grace
687B3 Nov 20023What baptism is all about (Baptsim - Stefan)
548B2 Jan 20003:8
1 John top
257B12 Jun 19881:1-2:4(Bob Sheehan)
310B7 Aug 19881:1-4(John Bowen)
566B17 Oct 19991:9What to do about your sins
511A11 Apr 19993:4Understand the real nature of sin
408B14 Dec 19974:8-11The coming of Jesus demonstrating God's love
2 John top
629B2 Sep 2001Important words of blessing, exhortation and warning
3 John top
678B26 Aug 2001
Revelation top
533A6 Jun 199911:1-8Receive a blessing, return a blessing
534A13 Jun 199921:9-20John's first vision - a source of fear and comfort
535A20 Jun 199932:1-7Work hard, stay faithful, persevere - don't forsake your first love
536A27 Jun 199942:8-10Afflicted, poor and slandered yet rich; don't fear but be faithful how ever bad it gets
537A4 Jul 199952:11-17Be true to Christ without condoning compromise or heresy
538A11 Jul 199962:18-29Do good, love, believe, serve, persevere, advance, avoid unbiblical intolerance
539A18 Jul 199973:1-6Dead or alive? Complete or incomplete?
540A25 Jul 199983:7-13
541A1 Aug 199993:14-22
543B12 Sep 1999104:1-11Keep a heavenly perspective on life
544B19 Sep 1999115:1-14Behold the Lamb of God; worship the Lamb of God
545A26 Sep 1999126:1-8The horsemen of the apocalypse and God's unfolding purpose
565A3 Oct 1999136:9-17Expect persecution; expect judgment
566A17 Oct 1999147:1-11Encouragements
567A24 Oct 1999158 & 9
568A31 Oct 19991610Partly revealed, partly hidded; partly sweet, partly bitter
569A7 Nov 19991711Protection, success and victory - the prospects for God's people
570A14 Nov 19991812The church and the devil; the church and Christ
571A21 Nov 19991913Satanic forces at work today in politics and religion
597B30 Jan 20002014The new song, the eternal gospel and the wrath of God
574A6 Feb 20002115 & 16Will you sing the song of the Lamb, or will God's wrath be poured out on you?
585A13 Feb 20002217Babylon. Strong, resilient, seductive, evil, doomed
586A20 Feb 20002318Babylon again. Her character, her fall, and attitudes to it
587A27 Feb 20002419The marriage supper of the Lamb, the triumph of the Rider on the white horse
575A5 Mar 20002520Satan, the saints' reign, and the great white throne
576A12 Mar 20002621All things made new
588A19 Mar 20002722Heaven to come and the book that tells you about it
601B24 Sep 20001:1-8Jesus Christ, who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood (Roger Lindie)
305A3 Apr 19881:17-18
311B18 Dec 19883:20
647A3 Jun 20013:20Christ knocking at the door of your heart
186B19 Dec 19936:12-17
176A30 Sep 199014:14-20
26B31 Dec 199521:5aThe one who makes all things new
444B31 May 199822:7;12;20I am coming soon (Philip Grist)
396A26 Oct 199722:12(Mike Grimshaw)
661A10 Feb 200222:17Come and take (Robin Asgher)